Ways to Give


YSC Academy Scholarship Funds

YSC Academy provides its student-athletes a transformative educational experience that prepares them for life beyond the pitch. YSC Academy graduates move on to top colleges, develop into competitive and equipped professionals Most YSC Academy student-athletes would not have the opportunity to access and receive the private educational experience offered without the financial support and generosity of our donors. Your investment in the YSC Academy will make a direct impact on our students.

YSC Academy Annual Fund

This Annual Fund is a vital component of YSC Academy’s financial stability. The Annual Fund gift supports key elements such as academic programs and technology. Strong Annual Fund support from the YSC Academy community enables the school to continue providing and enhancing an excellent educational experience for our student-athletes. Your participation makes a difference: Gifts of all amounts are appreciated, and strong participation demonstrates the commitment to a YSC Academy education.

YSC Advantage Fund

Provides funds for Student athletes who would pursue their passion for learning on a virtual platform.

YSC Advantage is our proprietary, NCAA-approved, hybrid, online learning curriculum offered to individuals who require a mobile virtual platform for learning. YSC Advantage harnesses the unique institutional knowledge of YSC Academy for developing and implementing educational environments.

YSC Academy Capital and Endowment Giving

Capital campaigns are time-limited efforts proposed by the Board of Trustees for a specific need, such as construction of campus facilities or building the endowment. Growing the endowment is currently the school’s top capital fundraising priority.

Pennsylvania Tax Credit Program

In 2001, Pennsylvania became the first state to create a tax credit program for corporations to use tax dollars to fund participating non-profit educational institutions.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) quickly grew in popularity, allowing businesses to receive a 75%-90% credit on their state income tax liabilities for making contributions to approved private/ religious school scholarship programs (including pre-k) and educational improvement organizations.

The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) also grants businesses the same 75-90% tax credit for making contributions to approved scholarship organizations, however, the scholarships are reserved for students who reside within the catchment of a low-performing school.

All businesses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who have state tax liabilities are eligible, but each year the programs fill up quickly.  You can read more about the EITC and OSTC programs and find out how to apply here and here.

As a refugee as a child, I was illiterate until the age of 11… I value education, because as a child I did not have the opportunity, schools, or teachers. I enjoy the freedom to craft an educational experience and curriculum that meet the needs of students on varying levels of learning. I try to connect soccer, language and culture. Making learning relevant is the key.

Wilian Hernandez
Spanish Instructor
YSC Academy

Since virtual learning is becoming such a big part of our lives, I think it is crucial that we as a school put a lot of effort into improving virtual learning and making it the best possible experience, not only for the students, but the teachers as well. Having things like Student led discussions and group projects certainly allows us as classmates to bond and work together as a collective which improves social bonding. In my experience meeting with teachers one on one to discuss things gives online learning a personalized feel which in my opinion humanizes it.

Ben Martino
YSC Academy, Class of 2021

I love working in this progressive learning environment at the Academy… I like the laid back atmosphere and enjoy the freedom of trying new methods while instructing a diverse group of learners.. When crafting lessons and learning experiences, I ensure that the students are actually able to apply the knowledge they gain. It is important to meet the students where they are and to understand, their interests, and passions.

Adam Barney
Science Instructor
YSC Academy