Research-based. Student-focused.

At YSC Academy, our educators understand the importance of the developmental needs of adolescents. Our curriculum is based on neurological research that provides solid guidelines for optimal middle and high school practices.

  • We know that the young adolescent brain benefits from a consistent, healthy routine in order to build good habits and a strong foundation from which to grow.
  • As the adolescent brain develops, it goes through a process.  In the beginning students need structure and routine. However, as the brain develops it needs to do more complex tasks.  Too much structure, does not allow an adolescent to build up his executive functioning skills and think for himself.  So finding the right balance between structure and independence is what is key to producing self-directed learners. At YSC, our teachers and mentors work hard to find the right middle-ground for each student.
  • We understand that every brain is unique in how it learns and that the ultimate goal of a teacher is to help each student become a self-directed learner. To do this, we help our students discover their Learner Profile (how they learn best), their optimal Learning Toolkit (the tools they need to support their learning), and a Personal Learning Plan to help them move from teacher-guided to student-directed learners.
  • As our students move from middle school to high school, we gradually give them more and more responsibility. We want them to take risks in a supportive environment and learn from their mistakes, building GRIT as they do so. (GRIT = a Growth mindset, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity). We know GRIT is what they will need for success in college and beyond. 
  • We believe that to achieve critical 21st-century skills an educational program should include the integration of virtual learning with face-to-face interactions.  We called this ‘Humanizing Virtual Learning.” By combining online classes with in-class workshops, traditional discussion classes, and one-on-one learning, we have created optimal learning opportunities for our student-athletes. This means that wherever they are, whether at home or on the road in tournaments and competitions, they can continue their educational work and are always connected with their teachers.

YSC Academy’s middle school curriculum features three years of English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Spanish. Students are carefully placed in each subject area based on their skill development.  Groupings are fluid to ensure challenge and support for each student. 

7th Grade 8th Grade
Humanities 7 Humanities 8
Science 7 Science 8
Mathematics 7 Mathematics 8
Spanish 7 Spanish 8
Health & Wellness 7 Health & Wellness 8
Physical Fitness 7 Physical Fitness 8

YSC Academy’s high school curriculum consists of four years of English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Spanish. Additional courses in these subjects and others are available to students on a case-by-case basis by way of online coursework, enrolling at local colleges and universities, internship options, and independent study courses designed by students and supervised by our faculty. Students are expected to work with the Director of College Counseling to ensure that their course of study prepares them for life after high school, whether that involves college, professional soccer, or some other pursuit.

The high school academic program at YSC Academy is aligned with the graduation requirements stipulated by the State of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS) accredits YSC Academy, and all coursework conforms to the State of Pennsylvania and PAIS requirements. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has approved the curriculum at YSC Academy, and YSC Academy graduates are eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics at Division I, II, and III levels.


Class Requirements
English 4 Years
Mathematics 4 Years
Social Sciences 3 Years
World Language 3 Years
Physical Education 4 Years