YSC Academy employs a cutting-edge, responsive educational model specifically designed with the student-athlete in mind. We have put into practice a paradigm that extensive research has shown to be crucial to the advancement of education, one that places the student rather than the teacher at the center of a dynamic learning process that emphasizes creativity and problem-solving. By training our students to be the primary agents of their learning, we prepare them for success in academic and professional environments that are increasingly defined by interdisciplinary collaboration, technological advancement, and cutting-edge innovation.

Our partners on the soccer side, the Philadelphia Union, run our innovative sports-science driven soccer-training program. The Union Academy coaching staff works tirelessly to design a program that will enable each of our student-athletes to maximize his development as an elite player. With two training sessions per day and an individualized training program for each athlete, our students receive on average 150% more training time and instruction than their counterparts at any other school in the country. While we cannot guarantee that an athlete will reach the professional level, we can guarantee that he has the best chance of reaching his highest potential in our program.

For more than a decade, all of our students have been prepared by our teachers and college counseling staff to continue their education at the collegiate level. Statistically, ~85% of our student-athletes will matriculate and play college soccer at the Division 1 level, while ~15% earn professional contracts! For players that transition immediately to professional soccer careers, we continue to support them beyond their graduation from YSC Academy to ensure our alumni can simultaneously work towards earning their college degrees.

We aim high with every student-athlete at the same time as we routinely affirm, “Success is not measured by how far one goes in the game, but by the person, one becomes in the process of trying to be the best one can be.”



Dr. Nooha Ahmed-Lee