YSC Academy Advantage

Innovative & Humanized Virtual Education

Leveraging academic research and ten years of experience with elite student-athletes, YSC Advantage has developed a unique human-centered education rarely found in a virtual platform.

Our educational model places the student at the center of their learning. We understand that the demands of an elite student-athlete are unique, and we are committed to supporting them with their academic and athletic pathways.

Knowing our students deeply, we tailor the learning environment to fit their needs, offering live interactive classes balanced with individual sessions. This translates into a highly caring and personalized environment led by teachers specializing in developing self-directed learners. We believe in them as a person, a student, and an athlete and support them while they pursue their passion.

Humanized Approaches

  • Everything starts with belief in the child and developing a human relationship (including in-person meetings when possible)
  • Commitment to each child, through empathy, care, understanding
  • Students are no longer ‘the exception’ in the traditional school model; they are the focus of the program
  • Schedules are customized to the club environment and/or the individual student-athletes, providing flexibility as needed
  • Student voice matters and influences how we work and support each student

Innovative Approaches

  • Student-centered virtual model
  • Apply academic research and 10 years of experience to develop the adolescent brain at age-appropriate stages of development
  • We teach students “how to learn”, so they can adapt and apply in class, sport, and life
  • Self-directed learning – teach students executive functioning skills and how to take ownership of their education

For more information regarding YSC Academy Advantage for your child or your club contact Jared Micklos.

'Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.' Advantage students are being gently guided by a teacher while building the ultimate skill-set needed for self-directed and life-long learning. They work with their teacher to design their own schedules and goals then evaluate and adjust those schedules and goals as often as they need. They are in control of setting up regular times to meet with their teacher, as well as, communicating when they need more. Not only are they paying attention to their personal growth as students, but they are also working towards mastery because they are able to redo and rework assignments. Ultimately, they are figuring out that they have the tools to learn anything on their own. That being said, they are building a strong bond with a teacher that is flexible, available, and understanding of what is demanded of them outside of school. Since they have a lot of one on one time with their mentor, they are able to speak beyond school subjects and get to know each other which makes learning more comfortable and personal.

Susan Kroll, YSC Academy Advantage Instructor