YSC Academy provides you with all the resources you need to be successful to be a self-directed learner in a face to face and an online learning environment. Whether it’s state of the art technology, a supportive student body or a dedicated faculty, you will always have support when you need it. This is what makes YSC special to me.

Ben Martino, YSC Academy, Class of 2021

Self-Directed Learning 

We are an authority on specialized self-directed learning. The demands of a student body of widely variable strengths along with the stresses created by students’ irregular schedules have demanded our adoption of proven and innovative pedagogical practices that enable personalized instruction and compel students’ executive function.

At YSC Academy we have seventy plus unique students with personalized learning plans. In order for us to create a rigorous high school academic program where they can reach their full potential, they need to be in the game, they need to be part of the process of understanding how they learn and this is how they become self-directed learners.

In most schools, the teachers set the goals for the students.  But in this school, we work with students to set their own goals, supporting and challenging them and then we step back and watch them prove to themselves they can do it.  And when they make mistakes, when they fail, we support them. We help them realize that mistakes are a part of life. We ask them what they learned, what they want to do differently the next time, and eventually, they learn to be comfortable enough with this process that they lose their fear of failing and learn that every instance is an opportunity for learning. In the end, they learn that the ability to achieve is within them and that they can keep pushing themselves towards the next challenge.

Our students have enormous confidence in the area of their comfort zone: the soccer pitch. They believe if they work hard enough they can become the best soccer player in the world, the next Messi. When they begin to realize they also can succeed in life as learners, that their academic potential is limitless, you see the lights really turn on and they start to drive that engine. As an educator, there is no bigger thrill than being part of this transformation.”